Project Management

  1. Practical Project Evaluation Choose one of two projects
    I. Sydney Opera House: house-facts.html
    II. Berlin Airport:

For the chosen project, try to do the following:
1..Write a possible project charter
2.Discuss if the project has failed or succeeded based on the three project evaluation criteria: time, cost, and scope
3..Discuss the phenomena of scope creep in the project
4.Identify the stakeholders in the project
5.Develop a hypothetical WBS of the project. (only 3 levels) Use to draw the diagram. ( A video will be provided)

  1. WBS and WBS dictionary
    Read the attached paper about developing a WBS dictionary of a road construction project and answer the following:
    I. According to the authors, why there is difficulty in achieving the project target?
    II. In page 2 of the paper, the authors discuss the WBS based on Based on the 5th edition
    of PMBOK, while on page 5 they show their standardized WBS dictionary. Does the standardized WBS dictionary in page 5 cover the WBS definition in page 2?
    III. Compare the suggested WBS in page 3 to the WBS explained in class. What differences are there? Who is wrong, your PM instructor or the authors of the paper?
    IV. In class, we have aggregated work packages to form activities. In this paper, they have divided work packages to form activities. What do you expect to see in real-world, aggregation or division?

note: chapter 1, 2 & 3 are attached in order solve question 2

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I. Sydney Opera House:

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