Proposal Project Submission – Planning

For your assignment, ensure you identify your local school’s name (PALMDALE HIGH SCHOOL) and the school’s sports team(PALMDALE HIGH FALCON JUNIOR VARSITY WOMEN SOCCER) that needs to raise money for uniforms. Ensure you are specific in answering the questions below in a research paper format. Remember, you need to “sell” your proposal to the school board to ensure you have enough details to be convincing. You can write your proposal in the first person.

Using the template provided, this week you will submit the first section of your proposal in a Microsoft Word® document that details the following:

Explain how the goods/services being donated will be collected and used for the fundraiser.
Explain how you will utilize the location donated to you.
Summarize how you are going to promote the event.
Describe the process you will use to collect the revenue.
State how you will present this process to the team of volunteers.

Sample Solution