Protecting Biodiversity

In Module 2 you learned about the history of mass extinctions on Earth and the threat of global climate change. You also explored ways that economic
growth can both help and harm Earth’s biodiversity. In this module we learn more about economic principles: how they apply in the natural world, and
how they drive some of the positive and negative effects of economic growth on biodiversity.
For this discussion, read the following articles:
Hearts and minds: Stopping the slaughter of endangered species takes imagination. (2013). The Economist. Available in the Trident Online Library.
Illegal wildlife trade. (n.d.). World Wildlife Fund. Accessed August 16, 2016, at
What is the driving force behind the destruction of the elephant population? What other animal trades are mentioned on the World Wildlife site?
Choose one to research further and describe the market demand for the product related to the animal at risk. Are any regulations in place? How are
these regulations enforced? Do you think these regulations are effective at preserving biodiversity?

Sample Solution