Psychology assignment

For your homework assignment please:

1) Find an article on a current event, discovery, or phenomena. Anything that you find interesting happening in the world will work.

2) Next relate the assigned chapter content to that article/current event. Think about how you might look at that event in terms of what we are learning about in our book chapters.

3) Write a 1 page (at least 500 words) write up of your article in terms of the chapter content (step 2). You must refer to at least 5 concepts/terms that are discussed in the chapter. You will include the link to your article or a copy of the full text.

4) Write a paragraph reflecting on the chapter material. What did you think? What did you like? Not like? How could you connect this chapter to your life? This is your own opinion, share what you think and how this chapter related to your life.

5) Add pictures or cartoons you find that relate to this chapter.

An example of a homework assignment and more detailed instructions are posted on our class Canvas under “Modules,” then Course Materials.

Sample Solution