Quality Function Deployment (QFD) ( IK retail company)

IKEA Furniture retail company
The Requirements:

  1. Describe a process/system/service of your choice. (IKEA Furniture retail company)
  2. Brainstorm and describe the ‘What’s’ and ‘How’s’ (14-20 of each). If you are omitting any of these from your HO
    explain why. (I attached Two sample from previous work to clarify the requirements).
  3. Construct a HOQ for this process/system/service. Describe each part of the HOQ with respect to your
    process/system/service. For any part(s) of the HOQ which cannot be done because of lack of
    information, confidentiality, etc., complete the part(s) with simulated information and describe how data would be
    to complete the missing part(s).
  4. Detail outcomes, recommendations and conclusions based on your HOQ.
  5. Referencing styles please use the Harvard method (Cite on the body of the paragraph + on the Resources pag

Sample Solution