Race and crime

  1. Race and crime are two controversial topics in criminological discourse. To succinctly discern the contentious nature of these two issues, explain when and where the idea of race first originated. Additionally, explicate the thoughts of Linnaeus and Blumenbach while touching on how race became a “social construct.” Further, review the historical antecedents of race and crime in America as they pertain to African Americans. Lastly. taking the
    historical antecedents of race and crime into consideration, give a thorough analysis of the connection between race and felon disenfranchisement.
  2. What was the focus of most historical research on race and juvenile justice? Also. give an exhaustive analysis of the historical link between race and juvenile justice. Lastly, beginning in 2014, slightly more than 1% of all petitioned delinquency cases were waived to criminal court. What were the reasons for the decline?
  3. What is the school to prison pipeline? Moreover. what did the FBI reveal regarding female juvenile arrests between 2006-2016? What did both the American Bar Association and the National Bar Association assert in its report on girls and juvenile justice? Finally, delineate the significance of the “dark figure” pertaining and what works to prevent delinquency. The paper should be 2475 words long

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