Realism in 19th century art

you will discuss the different aspects of Realism in 19th century art:

1- In the first part, give definitions of the different types of Realism we have encountered in our study of 19th century art: optical realism, social realism, idealism.

2- Context: explain the importance of the technological progress, the industrialization during the 19th century, the role of photography, the development of unions and political activism (social realism) in the development of Realism.

3- select 3 different works of art by 3 different artists, that in your opinion, illustrate the variety of “realist” approaches in the visual arts. Select artworks with different subject matters.

4- Make sure that you analyze clearly the visual elements for each of the selected works that allow you to discuss them as examples of realism. Point out the differences and/or similarities.

Sample Solution