Reflection and evaluation

READ THIS BOOK….Tweak: Growing up on Methamphetamines by Nic Sheff and complete a case reflection and evaluation paper on the material. fill in assessment forms. The case reflection and evaluation paper should answer the following questions:

1). How did the content relate to the disease concept of addiction? 2). What were the risk factors that may have led the person to chemical dependency? 3). Would you diagnose the person with a substance use disorder? If so, why? 4). What was the impact that this person’s drug abuse/addiction had on his/her family? 5). Did the person get sober? How many times and how? 6). If they relapsed, what did that look like? 7). How does the person feel about being in recovery? What was the ending to their story? 8). If you were working with this person/family, what services would you provide and why? What treatment do you think this person needs?




Sample Solution