Research Publication

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize yourself with professional publications in your field and to raise
awareness of trends in the field.
Choose two separate publications (no earlier than 2001) in the field specifically related to your placement. The
articles must be from professional and/or trade publications, not from popular magazines. If you are unaware if
a publication is acceptable contact me. Pick one article from each publication.
For each article chosen:
Identify the article, author, publication, date, and pages
Write a summary of the article and critique it
Describe how the information in the article relates to your placement
Describe how the article relates to what has been covered in your college classes
Considering the information gathered from both articles, what kind of general statements can you make about
trends, problems, projections, and/or issues in the field?
You should write no less than one and a half pages minimum, double spaced, for each article.

Sample Solution