write an essay describing:

The end users of the process output- How dependent are they upon the output? If the output were interrupted or

delayed, how affected would they be? Do they have alternative suppliers? Could they substitute other goods or services

for the process output?

The process stakeholders- These are all the entities (people, groups, organizations, etc-) affected in some way by the

process- Obviously, the end users are stakeholders- Other stakeholders are the people who perform the process, the

suppliers, and the entities who are dependent upon them- Describe the stakeholders and the nature of their

dependence on the process-

The process “touch points” (places, or points in time, where something specific happens)- They may involve different

entities or people- Consider, for example, assembling an auto engine- Three (of the many) touch points are installing

pistons, mounting the crankshaft, connecting the piston tie rods to the crankshaft-





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