Overview of the two firms and why they make interesting case studies

Overview of company structure
3. Overview of the wider forces at play in the journalism industry Diagram: PEST analysis
4. Overview of the markets in which they operate and forces shaping the firm:
Diagram : Market segment Market share Market position

Section Two: Overview of the firm

What is their main business (manufacturing, distributing,

Overview of the Company core activities include USP (what makes them different or unique) What are the main Channels? How have main activities changed over time?

Explain and explore the business model for each case study (corporate, business, functional, operational strategy)

Diagram: Porter’s Five forces
Diagram: Business model canvas

Section Four: Revenue and organisational structure in focus

Focus on organisational structure: Team Production Process Departments Key resources Training Change

Where has there been vertical integration?
Diagram: organisational structure (could include job adverts examples and explanation of relevance to strategy, new business units)
2. Explain and explore the revenue model for each case study
Where is economic value created and exploited?



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