Review of an artwork

Check your understanding of the elements: Discussion
View the images and answer the questions on the main art elements driving composition and mood of the works.

What is the main art element or elements used by the artist in this work?
What are the characteristics of those art elements, ex. calligraphic lines are elegant, flat space is decorative…?
How is the artist using those art elements to convey a mood, direction, pace or rhythm, or movement in the work?
Can you see where the mood and art elements lead you to discover the concept (idea being conveyed) of the work?
Pick one and Post which work you chose and the answers to these questions by the due date. Talk in term of the vocabulary. Don’t discuss the narrative, the subject. We can all see that. Then respond to 2 posts (in terms of the questions and if you agree or disagree with their assessment) by end of day.

Sample Solution