Select on of the essay topics below:
[1] “’Good Night and Good Luck,’” and the Issue of Net Neutrality,” or,
[2] “Ensuring Objectivity and Credibility in Digital Journalism”
Prepare a three – page [~ 700 words] rhetorical analysis essay focusing on your
selection for submission in hard copy in class on 03.04.2019.
As is the practice in this course, first, you are to summarize the central elements and
context of the topic you have selected. You are to choose at least two articles/videos
presented in the syllabus to identify these contextual elements. Additionally, you are to
secure at least one additional authoritative source.
Secondly, present your evaluation of the arguments as developed by the authors of
your sources. What are the strengths? Where are the “holes”?
Finally, answer the question, “So what?”
➢ Why is this issue of concern at this time in the history of professional journalism?
➢ How does your issue influence the journalistic role of “preserving democracy?”
➢ What economic goals may be achieved, or hindered?
➢ Is there tension evident between these two [usually competing] interests?
➢ How can this tension be resolved, if at all?
Include your sources in your bibliography.
Edit and proofread carefully.
Use this sheet as your cover sheet

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