Role- Play Demonstration

PART I: Role- Play Demonstration Video (Instead of a video write a script and i will do the video recording)
15-20 minutes of a session with a “client” utilizing one or more of the therapeutic methods covered in class,
within a trauma-informed practice framework. This does not have to be a first session. It is suggested that you
role-play with a friend, relative or classmate without using a script. Establish some general parameters and
then let the session evolve as it would with an actual client. Quality of skills demonstrated is more important
that quantity. That said, attempting more advanced techniques (mindfulness, MI work around
ambivalence/change, creating thought records, examining evidence, etc…) garners more points than basic
interviewing skills (establishing rapport, demonstrating empathy, etc…)
I will be role playing with a female friend I’m also a female
use the link for a guide on a similar roleplay script.
Please have script for me for by tomorrow please
PART II: Self-Assessment of Skill Demonstration Video Paper
Introduce the session by describing the client, the presenting problem and stating how many previous sessions
you have had with this client (one paragraph). The rest of the paper should focus on your therapeutic skills.
This is meant to be a self-reflective exercise to process your use of skills and your feelings about doing so.
Discuss the following:

  1. What skills did you implement that worked well? What is your basis for this determination (e.g., client was
    receptive, client made steps towards change, etc…)?
  2. What, if anything, was challenging or may have felt awkward? What may you do differently next time?
  3. Discuss your thought process for choosing the intervention(s) that you did

Sample Solution