Role Play on Hindu-Muslim Tensions

Right-wing Hindu violence in India, targeted against Muslims, has erupted all across the country as it approaches the anniversary of the Mumbai attacks. You are the chief intelligence analyst at the American Embassy in India and it is your task to craft the brief informing Washington of what is the main motivation behind the extremist eruption. You must decide whether you are going to focus more on a cultural argument or more on a spatial-territorial argument, knowing that subsequent U.S. reaction and policy will be affected by your report. Research these Hindu-Muslim tensions and analyze the core root causes of this conflict. Do not for this briefing focus on any prescriptions or policy measures to be enacted: as an intelligence officer, your job is to simply break down the situation and give that evidence/advice to your superiors in Washington. What they need from you is your expert in-the-field analysis about what is causing this violence: civilization or geography?



Sample Solution