Russian/Central Asian

Critically analyze the various mapsof Russia inthe textbook. As you examine each of them, consider, and answer,the following questions ▪(1) Why is population so concentrated in the west? ▪(2) Why is population so sparse in the northern-eastern regions?▪(3) How does the climate influence the population of people ▪(4)How does distancedecay influence the interactions between people in Russia?oThis assignment should be approximately 1-2 pages with any references used noted at the end of the assignment. Cite referenceswithin the text,as needed. Also, please note which edition of the text that you are using.

Discussion Activity:
oVladimir Putin has been a central figure in Russia for quite a few years now, and he is often in the news in the United States, as well. For this discussion activity, find two articles online (and they will need to be cited) that examine how Russians view Putin, and how Americans view Putin. Comparethe two articles. What are the similarities and differences?*Note: Discussion
should be approximately 250 words per answer.

Sample Solution