Write a proposal to be sent to Lowe’s Home Improvement proposing a partnership with our 3D printing company. Proposing a location inside an Ohio Lowe’s.

Section to cover include:
Product/Service capabilities
Proposed advertising
Promotional activities

Our 3D printing company 3Designs, a local 3-D startup business from Canton, OH, is hoping to partner with Lowe’s to offer customized solutions for customer hardware needs. We propose a fully-operational department within an Ohio Lowe’s store which will serve as the test location for future expansion. 3Designs has successfully provided innovative solutions with state of the art technology. Although current focus is on replication of unavailable hardware, 3-D printing capabilities are ever-evolving. 3Designs aims to bring 3-D printing mainstream and tackle challenging consumer needs through its partnership with Lowe’s. We specialize in creating unique tools and hardware pieces which are not readily available in hardware stores. We have identified a new market that will revolutionize the hardware industry. 3 Designs seeks to improve revenue by serving Lowe’s substantial customer base.


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