Satisfaction and Flirting In Marriage

Research Pro.ect: Participants/Texts and Three Themes (15 Points)Identify research participants/texts for your2 ND qualitative studies (2-3 paragraphs): :Write your RQ and RH OR explain your topic to provide context. Please incorporate any changes from the annotated bibliography:If you are conducting research using human participants::What is your population? :How many people will be in your sample? :Explain who these people are. What are their demographic characteristics? What characteristics do these people need to demonstrate to qualify for your study? Is there anything that would exclude them from being able to participate?:You must identify at least two potential places to recruit research participants (i.e.. you should have a good plan and a good backup plan):Why do the places you identify to recruit participants satisfy your needs for your study?:Do you plan to use probability or nonprobability sampling? Which form? How? Use concepts from Chapter 8. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this choice?: If you’re doing probability sampling, how will you access a sampling frame?:If you’re NOT doing probability

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