The paper is a script of a video. The video basically talks about the experience of my three months abroad study. Please edit it, fix some grammar issues and elaborate on it. Thank you!

Script for Video

August 26, 2018, I started a new journal from China to Germany. As I traveled from China to Berlin, I was afraid of being facing new people and a new environment. The first day I came here, I met my lovely roommates, Steve and Michael. Through the daily life, we became the best friends. Later, I also made some friends here. We traveled a lot of places, such as Munich, Prague, Dresden, and Potsdam together. I had such a good memory with my roommates and friends.

Prague is a city that makes me want to go back again. The scenes were really good there. Munich is one of the most prosperous cities in Europe. I met a lot of good scenes there

Also, I learned how to cook, although it is not very well. Now I know how to cook fried rice, steak, and some easy dishes.

For my service-learning project, I was staying in a nursing house. I was supposed to take care of the elderly people and take care of some kids. However, the reality is quite different. Sara and I kept spreading out flyers and buy milk from the grocery shop. I learned that the Everything, in reality, is different from what you think.

For my academic area, I really gained a lot of knowledge this year, especially for my Business Calculus class. Before, I was learning the pure math, but in this class, we should always practice it in the practical problems, which is really interesting to me.

Finally, my host country, Berlin, is really fun. Here, I tried a lot of different types of food which I never had before. For example, the fried momo from the Tibet Haus is my favorite in that restaurant and the restaurant is my favorite in Berlin. We traveled to a lot of tourist attractions in Berlin by attending the excursion for class.

In Berlin, I become more independent and learned a lot of new things such as……






































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