Searching the Cushions for Change

Read the following scenario and answer the five questions that follow using APA style formatting where
appropriate. Provide sufficient detail in your responses to demonstrate a good understanding of the
material in the textbook regarding the philosophy of and management approach to community policing.
Case Study
Captain Jones is responsible for preparing the budget for the Greenfield Police Department. The new chief
has asked her to review the entire budget and find long-term and short-term cost reductions. He wants to
shift some resources to community policing projects and would like to create an undercover drug unit. He
encourages her to be creative and bold because he does not anticipate any increases in the budget during
the next few years.
The Greenfield Police Department is a medium-sized suburban department. Three neighboring cities have
comparable departments performing similar functions. Each of the four departments has their own booking
and short-term holding facility and their own dispatch center. The county sheriff’s department operates a
detention center for felons and long-term prisoners. Arresting officers transport their prisoners to the county
facility and are often out of service for several hours during this process. Each city has its own SWAT team.
The teams’ equipment was purchased through a federal grant, but the personnel costs are each
department’s responsibility. The teams train frequently, but the county sheriff’s department also has a
SWAT team that responds when requested by local police departments. None of the departments has an
undercover drug unit.

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