Discuss how THREE of the core ethical theories we’ve looked at in Week 3 apply to your issue.
[Here is a list of the theories you should choose from: (i) act-utilitarianism, (ii) Kantian ethics, (iii) virtue ethics, (iv) natural law theory, (v) feminist ethics, (vi) the ethics of care, (vii) Rawls’ contract theory.]

First, briefly sketch each theory, and second, think about what advice the theory would give on your topic. For example: Would the theory permit us to use the technology? Would the theory characterize the technology as immoral? Is it mandatory that we use the technology, according to the theory? Might some uses be appropriate, and other uses inappropriate?

As you are working through the assignment, you should critically engage with these theories to help support your thesis. For example, if act-utilitarianism gives a result that conflicts with your thesis, then you should offer arguments that show why you think act-utilitarianism is wrong in this case (or in general). If a theory offers support to your thesis, consider exploring that theory and developing an argument explaining why someone should find that theory attractive.

As before, rely on your own words here. Don’t just quote the book’s characterization of the theories – try to state their main ideas in your own words. Also, you should not be relying on any external sources for this assignment – I want to see you demonstrate your understanding of the theories, and show that you understand how to apply them to new situations. (I don’t care what Joan or Jim wrote about natural law theory on some website – I care that you can take the moral theories with you and use them to reason about contemporary issues in bioethics.)

Note: At the beginning of the assignment, you should briefly state your technology and your thesis. This should be a very brief note – e.g. “I think that using technology X for Y purposes is always wrong.” You do not need to recapitulate a detailed characterization of your technology or offer any introductory remarks.

Also Note: You do not need to write a lot for assignments 1-4: they should be roughly 275-300 words (1-inch margins, double spaced, 12pt standard font). Please submit assignments through UB Learns as attached .doc, .docx, or .pdf files.Your assignment should be carefully written (i.e. edited like you would edit any serious submitted work). Also, you must cite all sources – yes, even assigned readings! You may use any standard formatting guideline you like (APA, MLA, Chicago style), but make sure to include: the author, title, publication venue, publication date.

Work off the Biotech assignment I attached (Thesis statement is here) and work off the Vaughn attatched document to find THREE of the core ethical theories. Please answer all the question!!! And Proofread before the grammar before sending this assignment.


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