Serial Killer Biography Presentation, (part I)

Oral Presentation Content, rev 110118
Directions: Based on the assigned serial killer below, do some research from a legitimate biography or autobiographical source (could include real life book, reputable national newspapers, news magazines, peer reviewed articles or other scholarly published articles) and be prepared to respond to the following content in an oral (NOT written) presentation:
1) Name of Perp ___________________________________________________
2) Where born, parentage & sibling information, where raised ________
3) How many people believed to have been murdered by the perp? (0________
4) General characteristics of victims: (at least 3 characteristics from this section)________
a. Gender
b. Age range
c. Ethnicity/Race
d. Hair color or body type a factor? (yes or no)
e. Any other physical characteristics of victims especially if in common with other victims
5) How was the crimes committed ________
6) What was the perp’s signature? (Be clear and specific) ________
7) Was the perp Organized or Disorganized and what evidence do you have to support this?
8) What characteristics did the perp have in common with other serial killers? (indicate ALL that apply) ________
a. Brain injury
b. History of physical or sexual abuse (him /herself)
c. Adolescent maladjustment
d. Average intelligence
e. Dominance before killing victims
f. History of alcoholism or substance abuse
g. Other?
9) Which type of serial killer was the perp and what evidence do you have to support this? _______
a. Visionary type
b. Mission oriented type
c. Hedonistic
d. Power oriented
Written Content
10) APA formatted Reference (not reference page) MUST be submitted when this assignment is presented. Failure to do so will result in an automatic 15 point deduction from the final grade assigned for the oral presentation. (Submitted: Yes_______No________
Presenter’s Name__________________________________________ Final Score _______/65





























































































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