Service orientation project

Objective: to engage in a critical analysis of communication interactions via the application of concept and skill
learned via the text and/or class lecture/discussions.
Each student is to view the film, Pay It Forward, to use as the basis for the Service Orientation Project. As you
watch the film, please note the following and be prepared to discuss in class:
● Trevor’s idea to help three people
● The three people Trevor wished to help and what he tried to do for each
● Determine if he was successful
● Determine if Trevor knew he was successful
● How do you know if he was successful?
I. Rationale: Social and community engagement, based on the concept of Pay It Forward, affords the student
the opportunity to demonstrate interpersonal competency in social/business interactions with family, friends
s and skills. The
concepts and skills discussed in the text and via class lecture/discussions represent current communication
theories that can often be transformed into functional actions or skills. Learning to positively engage others and
be of benefit without expectation of return affords the student the opportunity to understand effects of his/her
behavior on others, learn how to assist others in their growth/awareness, and to engage in appropriate and
supportive behaviors. The student is encouraged to learn and apply communication concepts and skills through
interacting and being of service with one of the following: family member, friend, fellow student, co-worker,
dating relationships, or members of the community.

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