Short phrase that encapsulates story

Log line: Memorable, short phrase that encapsulates story

Tagline: Summary phrase that encapsulates the story feelings

Summary : A future on the tagline including a brief description of your story that captures the style of the work, highlighting what is unique about the concept.

Format/Media : Describe the basic format & media context

Formula : Explain the story context and how the characters or events can drives them and how theses personalities deliver story potential.

Characters: Brief description of main characters
The World: Describe the environment te characters inhabit. Focus on the social context of the world they inhabit and what story opportunities this creates.

The Novum: Describe some of the nova you have imagined for this story.

The Location; Describe the setting of the work including the immediate visual backdrop to the world.

Genre: For the story, it will be useful to describe the nature of the story particular use of genre in more detail (like mix genres,sub-genes-e.g. Alien science fiction.horror hybrid are some example.

Demographic: Describe the target audience for your concept and its relevance to the audience,

Story line: Offer some example of possible story lines that clearly emerge and are motivated by your concept.












Sample Solution