Should marijuana be legalized?

This paper will convince your reader that you are ready to write Paper 4 – Research-based Essay. It’s not a “real” paper – you won’t have an introduction or conclusion, for example. But you will show your reader what sources you are using for your research paper, what the sources are about, and how they will help you. Your reader should have a good idea of what information you’ll include in your research paper by reading over your annotated bibliography.

Who is your reader? As usual, your audience is the academic community. This is not typically the kind of assignment that would be published, though – it’s more of a behind-the-scenes document that explains your research process.

On a personal level, this paper will help you learn (or practice) how to find, filter, summarize, and cite research materials. Any research project in any class will require you to use the same process, so this is good preparation/practice for future academic pursuits!

How to do it

Use Paper 2 as a spring board: take your topic from The Yellow House and research it! In these next two weeks, we will cover how to find credible sources and cite them.

You need to find 4 sources (one of them a scholarly source), cite them in MLA format, and write about a half page on each source. In one, two, or three paragraphs, you’ll need to:

1) Briefly summarize the source.
2) Explain how the source will help you make your point.
3) Defend your source’s credibility (extra necessary for websites!)

Sample Solution