write a short report on the Sneaker/Athletic Footwear market.
What your report needs to cover:
1. Identify the major Sneaker/Athletic Footwear companies and explain what has been happening to their market shares (worldwide and in key markets) over the last 15-20 years. (Word Limit: 300 words) (30 marks).
Using the Jung article as your starting point, explore Statista and other sources of market data to identify the major Sneaker/Athletic companies (and their brands) and how their relative market shares have changed since 2000.
2. Select one of the major companies. Summarise its current business ‘model’ or strategy and analyse its recent performance in both financial and non-financial terms. (Word Limit: 500 words) (50 marks)
Start with the company’s website and use it to get a sense of its business model/strategic priorities. Look on-line for journal articles (the University Library Search might be useful here), newspaper reports, blogs etc, but be careful about the quality of your sources. Financial data might include turnover, profits, share price etc; non-financial data could cover CSR/Sustainability issues, for instance.
3. How has your research and analysis informed your thinking about your own company’s business plan in the Sneakers Inc Simulation game? (Word Limit: 200 words) (20 marks)


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