Social action Theory (SAT): Getting Rid Of Unhealthy Behavior (Unhealthy Eating)

In social action theory (SAT), an ecological analysis of goal oriented endeavors identifies two important casual pathways by which human environments may foster self-debilitating habits. The theory also specifies a more hopeful pathway by which people in stressful environments can build resilience and achieve greater control over their health.
In the light of the above statement, describe a situation in your life where you have made use of agonistic striving (AS); dissipated striving (DS); and transcendence striving (TS) to get rid of an unhealthy behavior (Unhealthy eating) and hence promote healthy living for yourself. **Was your goal-oriented behavior, that is, health promotion, easy to achieve for you? It *What advice would you give to someone who may want to follow your foot path? It **What are the strengths and limitations of the SAT from your experience?





Sample Solution