Some of the ramifications of social change in the United States include an influx of women into the workplace, same-sex marriage, an increased number of interracial marriages, online dating, and an increase in the number of children born outside of wedlock. What about the extensive use of body ink today? In the 1950s and 1960s, people sporting tattoos on their arms (much less their entire bodies) were stereotyped as trashy or up to no good. Today, acceptance is widespread, and it is common to see body art.
The list below briefly describes some recent social changes. Choose 1 that you may have difficulty accepting, and explain why.
• Interracial marriage
• Women in the military
• Same-sex marriage
• Adoption of children by same-sex couples
• Females as the family breadwinners
• Paternity leave for fathers
• Disintegration of the traditional family




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