Socialization and social research

Maria lives in New York City in a large apartment in Manhattan- Her father is successful lawyer and her mother is a doctor who has taken some time
from work to stay at home with her children- Maria is ten and the oldest of a six-year old sister and three-year old brother. She attends private school
and takes piano and dance out of school-
Matt lives in rural West Virginia in a tiny mountain community. His mother is a single parent of six kids- Matt is 10 and the third from oldest- He has
two older brothers ages 16 and 12 and three younger sisters ages 9, 6 and 2- His mother works two jobs and is rarely home- Matt and his brothers
are often left to take care of the younger siblings and his older brothers are gone a lot- He attends public school but has trouble making it there
often due to sleeping late or family obligations-

Explain in detail how socialization will impact both children’s values, behavior, self-concept and life chances? Use one of the theories discussed in
the socialization chapter to support your answer.
Explain how social science research has given us the information to analyze the impact socialization has on children from differing social
What are the fundamental agents of socialization that impact children and how are they influencing these two children? Explain your point-



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