Socioeconomics and its Effect on Teacher Quality and Student High School Graduation Rates

What is more important? Roads and policing or the education that drives us as Americans to push into the dawn of a new age? From what is understood, education is supposed to be a priority in here in the United States. But what is seen is gun control, improved roadways, and the constant involvement of the government. Raising taxes is not the answer, neither is lowering them. One answer may be the correct allocation of funds along with proper budgeting to help our communities thrive and strive to work better is what needs to happen.
The second issue is the quality of educator that is hired based on an individual school budget. One thing was, you cannot put a price on education. Its unfortunate that you can though. It is also most unfortunate that is does happen. How are we to gauge the.
6T65 quality of the educator? By what they are paid? Some might agree, some might not. Are they to be gauged based on their own works to become a teacher? Probably not that either. Or are they gauged on a scale of student grades or have to make a quota? An educated guess would lead one to rely on the simple statement of The Upper Management (principal, assistant principal, superintendent) may be the root cause of this issue. To be sure of this claim; let’s go on the next issue and visit with the parent side of things.






























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