“Sonny’s Blues” or “Cathedral”.

Step One
Choose ONE word that comes into mind when thinking about the piece of literature you have just read. The word does not have to be in the piece and in fact, it is preferable that it is not. This word may represent the conflict, theme, a character, a symbol or any part of your interpretation of the text. It may be the name of a real person who you know and are reminded of in the piece (Please, first names only) It is a good idea to go with your gut feelings or first instincts, when choosing a word.

Step Two
Write a paragraph or two explaining why this word is important in relation to this piece. Your explanation should be unique and personal. Try and incorporate ideas that deal with the three levels of comprehension. To do this you may want to attempt to answer a mixture of questions that blends the three levels.

Literal Who? What? Where? When? How?
Critical Why? What for? What does this mean?
Affective How does it affect me or other readers?

Please note that there are no absolutely correct or right words here. You may come up with words that no one else in your class has or you may have words in common with your classmates. The important feature of this activity is for you to realize that you have the freedom to explore and express your own interpretation of the literature we read.

Sample Solution