Assignment 1
Sports marketing has two key features:
One feature is the application of general marketing practices to sport-related
products (for example, marketing of sport products and services directly to sport
consumers such as sporting equipment, professional competitions, sport events
and local clubs).
The other (2) is the marketing of other consumer and industrial products or
services through sport (for example a professional athlete endorsing a breakfast
cereal, a corporation sponsoring a sport event, or a beer company arranging to
have exclusive rights to provide beer at a sport venue).

Select a sporting organisation with which you are familiar and identify, summarise
and assess the marketing strategy and tactics used by this organisation – in the
context of one of the features described above. You should:
– Illustrate the practice of contemporary marketing and sports
marketing principles used by your chosen organisation.
– Describe the choice of tools and media used by the organisation to
convey messages to target audiences.
– Evaluate the configuration of the marketing mix used to reach the
target audience(s).
– Critically assess the changing nature of contemporary marketing
within your chosen organisation.



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