Stats: NBA game retrospective study

Project 2
You are to select a team from the NBA to do the following study by making a control chart for your team. As an
avid fan, you have decided to chart the points scored by your team, the Celtics. You may use the website
( to find the data for this project as a retrospective study, or chart the next 15 games that your
team plays by checking the papers on a daily basis.
Past experience has shown the NBA teams average 98 points per game with a standard deviation of 3 points
per game. You expect your team to be consistent. Consider the following three measures of them experiencing
a significant change:
i. Any game outside three standard deviations of the mean.
ii. Any nine in a row on the same side of the mean.
iii. Any two of three more than two standard deviations on the same side of the mean.
Write a summary of your team’s performance over the past 15 games. Note any trends that appear on your
graph. If anything happened to any player on the team during the time or if any other significant event(s) took
place, which could have accounted for the change in team performance, please reference them in your report.

Sample Solution