Supervision Scenario

You are a supervisor in one of the following settings:

Vocational training program for young adults with developmental disabilities
Nursing/rehabilitation center
Private preschool program for children with severe developmental and cognitive delays
ABA agency that provides in-home/in-school services to clients
Within your chosen setting, the following problems are evident and require remediation:

Some staff are not motivated; they often call out of work or do not complete all required duties within a shift.
Clients are not meeting behavioral or skill-based objectives in a timely manner.
Staff are not consistently conducting skill-based teaching protocols to clients.
Staff are not accurately completing data sheets and session notes as required.
Staff are frequently on their cell phones rather than attending to client needs.
Discuss your chosen setting and choose two problems to address. Provide a brief hypothetical scenario to introduce the class to your place of work and your staff. Then, discuss your supervisory approach to resolving each of these problems, making sure to follow an evidence-based functional approach. Finally, explain a way to implement self-monitoring for staff that will encourage and maintain desired staff behaviors.

Sample Solution