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Identify the operational issues, and formulate a strategy for moving forward. The overall objective of the Case Study is to prepare a 1,500 word Board Report on the operations of the case. The study must concentrate on the operational aspects of the operation considered. While there may be marketing or strategic issues involved, for example, it would not be appropriate to devote all the analysis to development of marketing plans or strategic plans. The aim of the exercise is not only to demonstrate an understanding of how the operation supports or hinders the attainment of the organisation’s objectives but more importantly to identify any outstanding operational problems and make recommendations for improvement. The report should include the following: an Executive Summary a brief description of the business or organisational objectives and context including its method of obtaining competitive advantage; an analysis of the processes or operations involved; identification of the problems involved, including problems already dealt with; identification of any outstanding problems; recommendations and implementation plans to deal with these probles.



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