Survey instrument/ guide

The second step is research design, which is a plan that you will follow to collect and analyze data to answer
your research question. As you have learned in Research Methods, there are a variety of approaches you can
use, such as quantitative or qualitative. Overall, your research question drives the research design and
research methodology. In this assignment you need to decide on the method(s) that you will use to collect data,
your target sample, and number of respondents, the actual data collection instruments (e.g. survey, or
interview guide or else) as well as how you plan to analyze the data.
For the data collection instrument, you need to make sure that the questionnaire in your survey or items in your
interview guide give you enough information to answer your research questions with nothing extra. You also
need to be sure that items in your instrument measure the concepts you intend to measure. For example, if
your research topic is depression among first year college students, make sure that you measure depression in
a valid way.
This assignment includes:
Sampling methods (How you are going to get the samples? How many subjects to collect data from, etc.?)
Finalized data collection instruments (e.g. surveys or interview guide) , procedures and data collection plan
(such as time and location, etc.)
Detailed informed consent form
Preliminary data analysis plan

Sample Solution