The Automobile and American Culture

During the past hundred years, automobiles have embraced cutting-edge innovations that have made cars faster, safer, more efficient, and more comfortable. Many of these innovations, such as rear-view mirrors, fuel injection, and disc brakes came from auto racing while concepts like streamlining and aerodynamics came from the world of aviation. Your task is to find an innovative concept currently being developed for automobiles that you believe will be important. The concept you choose cannot be currently available to the general public. So innovations that can be found in current cars such as in-car DVD players, GPS navigation, or tire-pressure monitoring systems would not apply in this assignment. OK, so where do I find out about these new concepts?New automotive innovations are being developed every day. The best places to find out about these innovations are industry books, magazines and websites. Here are a few you may find www.roadandtrack.comCar manufacturer sites such as or are also helpful.
. What is the name of the concept?2. Which company or person(s) is currently developing it?3. Why did you choose this particular concept?4. How will this particular concept improve the car’s safety, performance, efficiency, or comfort?5. What will this concept cost?Section II – The Concept1. Explain, in detail, how this concept will work.2. What are the advantages to this concept?3. What are the disadvantages to this concept?4. When will this concept be available to the general public?5. Is this concept being used in any other application?(such as racing, marine, aviation)Section III – Your Opinion1. Based on your research, do you believe this new concept will be successful in the automotive world? Provide three specific reasons why you think this concept will work or fail.2. What information about the concept did you find most interesting?3. If you could get this new concept in your car today, would you take advantage of it? Why or why not?



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