The benefits of having technologies/systems in place

This short paper will explore the benefits of having technologies/systems in place to provide more in-depth information that will help drive decision making. The information that is gathered every day in healthcare drives patient care and the improvement of the quality of care. Each staff member within a healthcare institution has a role in improving patient care. In this short paper, complete the following:

  1. Choose one of the following managers:
    Director of Admissions
    Manager of Billing
    Director of Nursing
    Manager of Purchasing
    Chief of Medicine
  2. Considering what you have learned about these types of managers thus far and doing additional researching as necessary, answer the following:
    How might the manager for whichever department you chose above use technology/systems to improve patient care? To minimize costs and maximize efficiency? If you are having trouble, think generally here about how technology improves record keeping, and then consider the type of data these managers and directors have to manage.
    How does the system that the manager uses drive the decision making within the institution? Support your answer with relevant sources.

Sample Solution