The Book; Hero

Does the author present the main idea of the essay in his or her introduction?
Does the author begin with a hook and move to background information about the story and the Hero’s Journey?
Does the writer provide the title of the text (story), the author’s name (if available), and a brief plot summary with background information about the story?
Where does the writer introduce the concept of the Hero’s Journey?
Was the placement of that information effective?
In the thesis, does the writer provide adequate guidance for the reader?
What ideas will the writer cover in the body of the essay?
Please provide specific feedback about the clarity of the thesis.
Does the writer support each of the sub claims (topic sentences) with quoted passages from the story itself?
Check all quoted passages to see if they directly support the corresponding topic sentence.
Does the writer provide textual context before the quote to set the scene?
Does the writer provide a clear explanation and thorough analysis of each quoted passage?
Does the explanation of each quoted passage connect back to the thesis and/or topic sentence?
Does it illustrate the idea of the Hero’s Journey?
Please provide specific feedback about the explanations of the quotes.
Please provide specific feedback about each body paragraph (quotes and analysis).
Does the essay have a conclusion that restates the thesis? Does the conclusion give a final thought or two that leave us thinking about the Hero’s Journey and how it might relate to our lives? Please provide specific feedback about the conclusion and its effectiveness.
Has the writer provided clear transitional words and phrases to move readers from paragraph to paragraph and from point to point within the paragraphs?

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