The case of Jason Long

The case of Jason Long (from the MMA 2) is proceeding to trial. In addition to the bad character evidence you have already advised on, you are required to prepare and deliver a 15 minute presentation (plus 5 minutes Q&A) on the remaining evidential issues arising in the case, based on the documents and further information provided to you.

explain whether the evidence is admissible, whether it is possible to exclude the evidence, and how the jury should be advised to treat the evidence if it is admitted.

The documents provided are:

Transcript from the recording of the police interview with your client.
Statement 1 from an eyewitness, Alana Tall.
Statement 2 from an eyewitness, Alana Tall.

Since making her statement, Alana Tall has since suffered a stroke, is paralysed down the left side of her body, finds it difficult to speak, suffers intermittent memory loss and is unable to stand or concentrate for long periods of time, so it is unlikely she will be called to testify.

(Hearsay and Identification Evidence)
Evidence from an undercover police officer who provided information about Long being part of a group of Toptown FC supporters who regularly met and discussed causing disruption at football matches. (Witness Anonymity, Public Interest Immunity)
Long does not wish to testify at the forthcoming trial. (The ‘Silence’ Provisions)

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