The cultural practice of the spirituality and beliefs amongst the Aboriginal people

Introduction: In your opening paragraph, introduce the culture and topic of your field trip. Include at least one
source (website or article) that you visited, using an in-text citation. Example: I am studying the cultural practice
of tattooing among the Ainu (Krutak 2008).
Exploration: This is the heart of your essay! Address the following areas, to share what you learned during your
field trip. Each of these should be a paragraph (3-4 sentences minimum, each). Include at least one in-text
citation from at least one source.
Overview of the topic. Give a general summary of information about the topic.
Holistic perspective. A holistic perspective takes a broad view of the historical, environmental, and cultural
foundations of behavior. Describe 3-5 elements, aspects, or characteristics of the culture you chose.
Digging deeper! Use these two important anthropological fieldwork methods!
Participant observation. Define participant observation, according to our textbook (remember to cite the specific
page in our textbook). Explain at least two things you would do as part of a cultural activity with people in that
culture; this should be one of their own cultural activities (2-3 sentences for each of these). How would taking
part in this activity with members of the group help you learn more about their culture?
Interview. What is one question you would ask a member of that culture? Explain how that would help you
learn more deeply about that culture or practice.
Ethical considerations:
Conclude with a short (3-4 sentence) discussion of one ethical issue (such as informed consent) you may
encounter while conducting your participant observation or interview. Explain how you would address that as a
professional anthropologist.

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