The decision of the police to stop, search, use force, or arrest.

Choose ONE of the following major decision point/process in the criminal justice system:
the decision of the police to stop, search, use force, or arrest;
the decision of the prosecutor to files charges, prosecute, or plea bargain;
the decision of the judge to release a defendant pretrial (e.g., bail), sentence to jail/prison, or the death penalty.
The crux of the paper is to address the factors (e.g., suspect characteristics and behavior; criminal justice
officials’ characteristics and behavior; neighborhood or community based influences; organizational
characteristics, etc.), based primarily on published scientifically rigorous and valid research evidence, that
affect the decision.
The easiest way to think through this assignment is to ask what factors enhance the probability of the decision?
What does the scientific evidence demonstrate? Hence, upon selecting a decision, conduct a review of the
relevant scientific research literature using at least 15 primary sources, of which at least 12 are peer-reviewed
scholarly journal articles. PLEASE see syllabus and research guidance document for further details.

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