The differences and similarities between baby boomers and millennials.

As adults in this country, we work side by side with people from all walks of life and
backgrounds. When we are in the criminal justice system profession, we encounter
eighteen-year-old men and women up to Vietnam veterans. This profoundly impacts
how our interactions are with one another and the verbal and non-verbal components
that make up our communication skills. With the different life experiences, we each
possess, communication can be cumbersome with one another or exceptionally freeflowing and robust.
Imagine being a Law Enforcement Officer or a Correctional Officer as a millennial, and
you are working with a baby boomer.

  1. Discuss the differences and similarities between baby boomers and millennials.
    What differences would you foresee between the two of you while working
    together? What similarities would there be?
  2. Analyze working as a Police Officer or Correctional Officer with a baby boomer.
    Discuss what communication barriers could exist between them. If there were to
    be a communication barrier between the two of you, how would you overcome it?
  3. What should leaders in those respective professions do to ensure that issues
    between different generations of Officers remain relatively low and not an “us
    versus them” mentality?

Sample Solution