This discussion is the first in a series in this course in which you will focus your post and responses within your specialization. To make this possible in the course room, label your initial post with the name of your specialization (addiction, education, general, or industrial and organizational psychology). On the subject line, place the name of your specialization, then your name.

Think through the reasons that motivated you to enroll in the Capella program for a PhD in psychology. For your initial post in this discussion, answer the following questions:

Why are you here? Describe your primary motivations for pursuing this program.
What elements in your background, experience, and thinking have led you to take this direction?
Which learning model best describes you right now, considering the scholar-practitioner model?
How do you think your learning in this program will be different from your learning in your master’s program? Choose a specific situation that you recall from your master’s program, and illustrate the differences you expect.
What are you trying to become? Think about what you have thought about for your future, and reflect on what you have read this week.
When you have earned your doctorate, what will it enable you to do that you cannot do now?
What will it mean to you?
How will it change your contributions to society and community?
How will you make sure that you can accomplish your goal? Consider what you have learned this week about the requirements for earning a PhD, about the elements of the program, and about the other aspects of your life. Consider the time management action plan you prepared as part of the second study this week, as well as the recommendations in Chapter 11 of your Graduate Savvy text. What will it take for you to succeed? To what extent are you prepared to take charge of your learning, to challenge yourself, and to handle all of the time commitments required?
Include at lease 2 references

Sample Solution