The Economic and Financial crisis in Argentina. 2001-2002

The aim of the empirical project is to provide a primarily qualitative discussion of a crisis (financial/banking/balance of payments) that occurred in Argentina in the period over the past 30 years. Provide a detailed timeline of the crisis.

Using publicly available resources, and making sure that you avoid uncritical copy-pasting of material, you will need to provide a detailed timeline of the crisis. You should discuss 3 things: • Near-term events prior to the crisis, and any additional background information (e.g. developments in other countries) • Events during the crisis (actions from Government/ Central Banks/Markets). • Measure taken to end the crisis

In particular, talk about the effects of the crisis on these variables:

  • Real Gross Domestic Product • Real Investment (level, and % GDP) • Real Trade Balance (level, and %GDP) • Current Account • Exchange Rate vis-a-vis US Dollar (or other major currency of the period examined) • Short-term interest rate • Long-term interest rate (-10-year Treasury Bond rate) Activate Windows • Debt (% of GDP) Go to Settings to activate Windows.
  • Budget Deficit (% of GDP)




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