The Effects of Touch on Human Communications

Provide brief answers to the following 10 questions. Avoid copying definitions and explanations from the text. Paraphrase and develop original (though brief is okay),

answers and examples where possible. I am looking for your explanation of these ideas, not language found in the text or online. Do not retype the questions. Just

number responses 1-10 and provide the answer. Please single space within numbered responses and double space between numbered responses (as seen below). You are free

to use your text but you are expected to work alone on the assignment.

  1. What did researchers Fisher, Rytting, and Heslin conclude about the effect of a brief, seemingly accidental touch in a nonintimate context?
  2. Describe Harlow’s (1958) “surrogate mother” monkey studies and what was concluded from these studies.
  3. Identify three characteristics of touch avoiders or “nontouchers.”
  4. Would we predict greater touch at airport departures or airport greetings? Why?
  5. What did the authors say about team touch and sports?
  6. Search Jourard’s 1966 study on body accessibility. Hit “images” and review the diagrams of body areas and touch. What are your observations about the conclusions in

this research?

  1. Define and give an example of a tie sign.
  2. Consult Heslin and Alper’s (1983) taxonomy of touch. Where does the handshake fall in this typology?
  3. What are adaptors? When are they used?
  4. Who was Clever Hans and why does he have a full page devoted to his story in the textbook.

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