the Fundamentals of Marketing

In this course on the Fundamentals of Marketing, we learned about a variety of elements/components of business and marketing that contribute to
the marketing and promotion of products- The underlying purpose of these activities is to achieve a return on investment or sales, which should
result in profit for companies and businesses

Part 1

Discuss what a marketing plan is and describe the different components of the marketing plan in your own words (see figure 16-2 in the text)- Also
explain how the marketing plan is helpful to the organization- You do not have to put together a marketing plan for this assignment

Part 2

Please take the elements/components you have learned in this course (such as the SWOT, goals/objectives, etc-) and translate/apply them into how
they would be carried out into the execution of a marketing strategy-

For instance (note that these examples may not be used in your assignment):

In a SWOT analysis you determined that one of the strengths of a company was that weekly team meetings were held where ideas are exchanged
and commendations are awarded to team members who have met or exceeded goals or expectations for the week- How can we translate or
incorporate that Strength into a marketing strategy?



Sample Solution