The Haunted, Directed by David Holroyd

1.) Is the movie based in realism or formalism? Why? Use specific examples.
2) What is the theme of the movie? The main idea that the movie is even about.
3) Become a non-passive viewer. Which means start analyzing the use of shots, angles, lighting, color, the
composition and design, territorial space, open and closed forms, the style of movement, the editing, and the
sound. Describe each of these found in the movie and whether or not they add to the theme (main subject) of
the movie. Make sure to use examples to describe each of these topics.
4) Finally, if you’ve seen this movie before, did you learn something about it that you never considered due to
you viewing it with an intention in mind? Why or why not? If you’ve never seen this movie before, did you learn
anything by being more analytical or do you wish you were viewing it passively? Why or why not?

Sample Solution