The Investigation on Integrating Facial Recognition Technology

The Investigation on Integrating Facial Recognition Technology to Improve the Performance of Physical Security System and Effectiveness of Physical Security Controls at ADNOC Refining in the Ruwais Refinery.
Since you have the expertise, you can suggest the title suitable for this research.

Discuss the conceptual framework models where you get the theories and ideas in detail and provide the origin of the new framework in use and any important parameters. Add in the framework figure where you will achieve the research objectives.
After writing about the conceptual framework, go through the research paper and update any section (parts) necessary, including the introduction to reflect the conceptual framework. Do not forget to update the references.
Add references to the sections from the Research Proposal highlighted in green. The paragraph where you can find the sentences to add references is explained in the “Add References” file.
The research questions, objectives and hypotheses of the current paper are insufficient. Improve in the research questions, objectives and the hypotheses. Consider adding more research questions, objectives and hypotheses, related to the topic and problem under investigation.
Any parts of the research related to current research question 3 and research objective 3 (challenges of implementing facial recognition technology) should be replaced with the modified/added research questions and objectives.
If needed, don’t forget to write about the additions in other research proposal sections. If you have added research questions, research objectives, and hypotheses, you should discuss them.
Physical Security Performance Measure

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