The respiratory system

Any illness relate to the respiratory system. But NOT COPD, Asthma exacerbation, Cystic Fibrosis ,Pneumonia, Pleural effusion or Acute Bronchitis because I already presented those papers.Written Case Presentation: Choose a patient from your clinical experience and develop a written clinical case presentation.
1) Use a clinical decision-making process to present your patient, for example:
a) SUBJECTIVE DATA i) Chief complaint ii) Past medical history iii) Family history iv) Social history/Spiritual v) Focused review of systems vi) Cluster the data to determine or modify the differential diagnoses. b) OBJECTIVE DATA Complete a focused physical exam. Identify any additional diagnostic data. c) ASSESSMENT Determine your diagnosis(es)/ collaborative problem(s). d) PLAN i) Identify a prioritized plan of care that addresses the patient’s needs collaborative problems you determined. ii) The plan should include interventions that are evidence-based with etiologies of illness or risk behaviors. iii) The interventions integrate the unique needs of the patient. iv) The interventions have measurable outcomes. v) Examples of outcomes include: (1) Improved clinical status (2) Quality of life (3) Functional status
related to each of the diagnoses and rationale and target specific

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